Atelier Block

2015: Exhibitions & Fairs

Exhibition LDX Artodrome Gallery, Berlin-Mitte
Curator - Biennale, Sant’Antioco, Sardinia
Museum Exhibition in Carbonia, Sardinia
Exhibition Galerie an der Ruhr, Mülheim an der Ruhr
Exhibition at "Kunst und Auktionen" at the Kettwiger Tor GmbH

J.H. Block

Since 1998, the artist J.H.Block is working on the Earth-Guardians and other series +++ Each one of his works is absolutely unique because both, stones and soil, just like every other used material, is untreated processed +++ The continuation of his series is only given by further discoveries of appropriate materials, which J.H.Block found around the world +++


In addition J.H.Block is working with authentic relics from the regional coal and steel industry +++ For some series of works the artist uses ancient American steel parts (relics of the World War II) that still can be found in the Eifel Region +++ The continuation of these works are also just given by finding matching objects +++


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